Resume analysis with GPT-3.

Hi, thanks for being here. I suppose that if you are reading this article, you might have already heard about GPT-3, the powerful AI created by OpenAi. I will not be entering into much detail about GPT-3’s history and capabilities because I think there are already many excellent introductory articles about this fantastic AI on the web.

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What is the interview process for software engineers?

Are you a recently graduated software engineer looking for your first job? Or has it been a while since you applied for a job as a software engineer? Either way, interview processes might seem intimidating. Let’s see what the interview process is for us, software engineers.

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AI in Colombian container terminals, more than a buzzword

Improving productivity is undoubtedly a continuous goal for container terminal operators in Colombia. The task of sustaining or improving operational efficiency along with financial margin and at the same time providing an attractive service to customers is a difficult challenge that every day is becoming more complex to address.

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